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Custom Embroidered Apparel


ENGLER EMBROIDERY is a family owned/operated business that has specialized in corporate & small business embroidered apparel since 2002.  We added screen print and heat transfer vinyl in 2017.  

All of the embellishment work is done on-site, allowing us to offer excellent quality control.  

Located in Valley Junction, West Des Moines, IA

All orders require 24+ pieces per design. 

You are welcome to bring in your own BRAND NEW garments.  

Washed/worn garments will not be accepted.  

Patches require a minimum of 50 pieces per design.

A one-time setup fee applies for all custom designs.  Cap embroidery requires additional setup and cannot be mixed with flat embroidery for minimum requirements. 

Custom orders from our catalog require a deposit to be placed into production.

Colorful embroidery thread spools

211 - 4th Street

West Des Moines, IA  50265

Tel: 515 .274. 9070

Appointments preferred

Need a custom branded apparel website for group or team orders? 

We can do that!!


~Cap fronts, both centered and offset, are limited to 2 inches in height for low and mid profile styles.  If you are having both shirts and caps embroidered with your logo, we may need to exclude some of the finer detail from the caps that we were able to include with flat embroidery.

~We have many customers that like to have taglines or smaller logos embroidered on sleeves.  While that is possible for many garments, please note that some smaller sized ladies fitted sport shirts & long sleeve quarter zips as well as smaller children's shirts don't always fit on our embroidery equipment.  We also offer heat press vinyl and non-traditional locations to help your logo stand out.

~100% polyester and 50/50 poly/cotton garments are both fine fabrics for embroidery.  100% cotton garments can show wear faster than mixed fabrics. 

~For embroidered garments, it's ALWAYS best to wash on cold with mild detergent and dry on low.  

~Spandex is not embroidery or screen-print friendly.  When bringing in your own garments, please be aware that any fabric containing spandex (even as little as 2%) can drastically change the quality of the embroidery and in some cases, damage to the garment is possible as we are working with needle and thread.  These items may be rejected for service.


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